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Are you struggling to keep up with customer demand? Do you know you could increase revenue if you were able to capture a bit more efficiency with new equipment or more highly skilled staff? The business services team at Centralina WDB is trained to help you recognize ways to grow your bottom line, reduce expenses, stay competitive, and ramp up the skills of your staff to improve efficiencies and meet customer needs.

Work-based learning opportunities such as On the Job Training, Work Experience placements, and Apprenticeship address your needs to upskill staff while increasing your capacity to serve your customers. With our job profiling resources, you'll save money by reducing expenses related to recruiting and hiring and by managing turnover. Here are a few of the services available to Centralina businesses:

  • Hiring and Tax Incentives
  • On the Job Training
  • Work Experience Placements

Other Services

During the Great Recession, many Centralina businesses were impacted by the economic downturn, and Centralina WDB supported these businesses and their employees to help save jobs where possible, and help laid off workers into other opportunities for training and employment if needed. While we are no longer facing the same level of economic challenge in our region, some businesses are impacted by changes in market demands and profitability. For businesses facing these difficulties, we offer:

  • Staff Retention & Layoff Aversion: We offer wage analysis to reduce turnover resulting from wages that are mismatched when compared to the market. Job Profiling helps businesses see improved results from their efforts to recruit qualified applicants. Filling jobs with the right people can reduce turnover and dramatically improve retention rates.
  • Outplacement: Should the need arise, we provide outplacement services to assist companies impacted by downsizing to find other employment for their workers.
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