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Indian Trail Employer Praises Services Provided by NCWorks Career Center-Union Staff

Sep 03, 2019

Judith Moore from Heartland Contracting in Indian Trail, whose clientele consists of academic institutions, and Fortune 500 clients, first utilized the services of the NCWorks Career Center-Union during the Spring of 2013 when seeking a clerical employee.

They had previously interviewed several individuals without finding the person they believed was a good fit until they remembered that the “Unemployment Office,” as they have always called it, offered services that would be helpful in their search.

After reviewing all applicant post interview remarks, they hired Marcy Bearden who was referred through the NCWorks Career Center.  

Thomas Foster, NCWorks Career Center-Union Leader interviewed Judith and Marcy to gain insight of their experiences with NCWorks and how our services helped them achieve their needs. Marcy stated she had utilized the NCWorks Online website and had a few jobs she wanted to inquire about. However, the job at Heartland was her priority. Marcy stated that after the interview, she felt that this was the welcoming work environment she needed that would allow her to adjust to relocation with her family and felt at ease during the interview. Judith gave her view as the employer and was very pleased with Marcy.

Heartland Contracting would again need the NCWorks Career Center-Union services six years later to hire a receptionist to replace a longtime employee who had retired. So, Heartland Contracting placed a job order in-person at the Career Center this past April and within a few days, had an excellent candidate named Penny Jones to interview.

“We could not be more pleased with our experience with NCWorks Career Center-Union. The process at the NCWorks Career Center was simple, and the employees there were helpful, pleasant, and efficient. I highly recommend anyone searching for an employee to utilize their services. This is one government program on which we taxpayers get our money’s worth,” said Moore.

“We as workforce professionals do not always get a chance to hear about the successes, we are responsible for when providing the services in our toolbox. However, this is just one example out of many from an employer and employee highlighting the fact that we are still relevant and that our services provide a value to employers, jobseekers, and the community,” said Foster.

For more information on the NCWorks Career Centers located throughout the Centralina WDB region, visit www.centralinaworks.com.

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