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NCWorks Career Center-Rowan Helps Jobseeker Discover New Career Path

Oct 01, 2019

Brenda Jiles, a Centralina WDB WIOA participant, and Charleena Zepeda, Talent Development Consultant at the NCWorks Career Center-Rowan paths crossed nearly two years ago when Brenda arrived at the NCWorks Career Center in Salisbury under extremely unfortunate circumstances.

In September 2017, Brenda came into the NCWorks Career Center because her employer for the last 3 years, Durafiber, had closed operations. She quickly found herself unemployed with limited resources. Brenda enrolled in Centralina WDB funded WIOA services with the hope that she would obtain new skills that would lead her to sustainable employment. Brenda and Charleena worked jointly over the course of the next several months to determine a career path, with hopes that she could soon return to wages of self-sufficiency.

Eventually, in January 2018, Brenda was offered employment with S&D Coffee in Concord as a Packer. She was elated to return to the workforce. At that time Brenda felt that she no longer had a need for WIOA services, and soon exited WIOA based on her success.

However, at the time, Brenda didn’t know that she would quickly find herself with job instability again. Brenda reached out to Charleena to inform her that working in the manufacturing industry was taking a physical toll on her body. When her employment with S&D Coffee ended, Brenda knew that she did not see herself working in the manufacturing field long-term.

Because livelihood does not always allow a person to be selective, over the course of the next seven months, Brenda found herself employed with three different employers. Brenda felt somewhat defeated. She felt as though she missed her opportunity to pursue a career that she enjoyed and could envision herself doing long-term.

When Brenda reached back out to Charleena in August 2018, Brenda had a different plan for her future. At that point, she knew that it was time for her to change career paths so that she could gain job stability. Brenda expressed her desire to earn her Nursing Assistant I Certification, and re-enrolled in WIOA services to accomplish her career goals.

Although Brenda had a slow start with several obstacles that prevented her from attending training immediately, she was finally able to commit to starting her training. Brenda took the first step to her new future in February 2019 when she started Nursing Assistant I training at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College.

While Brenda was attending her training, she worked at Bayada as a Home Health Aide. Then on June 12, 2019, Brenda successfully completed Nursing Assistant I training at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College. Charleena was elated for Brenda because she knew that her training had been anything short of easy considering Brenda’s career change at age 55. Brenda had one more obstacle once her training was complete. She had to pass her State Board Exam.

On August 20, 2019 Brenda reached out to Charleena to let her know that she PASSED her State Board Exam. Brenda also informed Charleena that she had already accepted a job offer with Interim Home Care as a CNA. She is also working at Bayada as a CNA. 

“I am so happy and grateful for everyone that help me through this transition. Thank you for believing in me. I know I couldn't have stuck with it without your support and counseling.  #NCWorks worked for me,” boosted Brenda.

Charleena counts it as an honor and a privilege to have worked so closely with Brenda over the years.

“In a matter of time all things will work out. Just be patient and trust the process, trust and believe in yourself,” added Charleena.

For more information about the NCWorks Career Centers in the Centralina WDB region, click here!

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