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NCWorks Career Center-Union Staff Link Talent to Employment

Nov 04, 2019

On April 22, 2019, Penny Jones visited the NCWorks Career Center-Union in Monroe in search of work. Unemployed for roughly one year and categorized as an older worker, she felt the odds were not in her favor.

Penny had applied to several job openings to no avail. Exhausted and disheartened, she finally decided to have an extra pair of eyes review her resume to discover if that was the reason she was not getting hired.

Penny was certain she had the talent, skills, education and years of experience but felt her age was a factor and became accustomed to hearing she was not selected for a position.

Upon entering the Career Center in Union County for help, Penny was assisted by Janet Duarte, NCWorks Career Advisor, who provided services such as a skills assessment, job search, resume assistance, and labor market information. After analyzing and evaluating Penny’s experience and qualifications, Janet discovered the client was an experienced administrative support professional who had been applying for administrative and customer service jobs.

Janet searched for compatible job postings in NCWorks and found one position that could possibly be a fit but required a specific certification Penny did not have. Penny felt that she could perform all the job duties, had all the skills required, and numerous years of experience, minus the certification.

After hearing about Penny’s dilemma, Diane McClinton, also a NCWorks Career Advisor in the center, contacted the company to inquire if a well-qualified applicant who lacked this certification could be considered and the company agreed that the specific certification could be overlooked for the right candidate. Penny was contacted to return to the center where Janet revised the resume, referred her to the vacancy, and prepped Penny for an interview.

The doors finally opened, Penny interviewed for the position, was hired, and started working in her new job as an Administrative Support Specialist within 24 hours.

Thomas Foster, NCWorks Career Center-Union Center Leader, said Janet’s grasp of the employer’s needs and the job seeker’s knowledge, skills and abilities, assisted Penny in successfully gaining employment.

“Penny’s story personifies the NCWorks Career Center’s stated goal of connecting talent to jobs. Janet’s understanding of the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities the jobseeker possessed, and preparing the client for the interview, is a testament to the professionalism and demeanor NCWorks Career Center professionals possess and use every day,” added Foster.

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