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Career Seeker Becomes Re-employed After NCWorks Career Center-Lincoln Finds a Solution

Oct 26, 2016

"I came to the NCWorks Career Center-Lincoln to look for a job because I just lost my job as a deputy clerk and one of the talent development consultants told me there was a manufacturing boot camp going on and I didn’t know if I wanted to get back into this field again," said Monica Dillard,Career Seeker at the NCWorks Career Center-Lincoln.

Dillard has been to the NCWorks Career Center-Lincoln many times in the past." For over 20 years she worked for Ethan Allen Furniture in the finishing department where she made different styles of furniture for dining and living rooms." She stayed with the company long enough to elevate to a manager for 10 years but suddenly she decided she needed something different and wanted to leave since they were laying individuals off from the company.

Not knowing what her next occupation would be she came to the NCWorks Career Center-Lincoln for the first time in years to start career searching." When she came to the Center she was quickly introduced to Gaston College and their many class offerings." Dillard began taking computer and medical billing classes just to gain more skills and eventually gained interest in occupational health." During the process of getting services at the Center and taking classes at Gaston College,she realized she needed a job." After discussing her skills and interest with Melissa Harp,Talent Development Consultant at the Center,she became fully aware that maybe occupational health wasn’t best."

"Melissa Harp is the one who helped me tremendously before I got my deputy clerk position," Dillard said. "When I was doing a career change and trying to find a different job,she’s the one who helped me.""

Harp helped her find her deputy clerk position after leaving the furniture mart." Dillard only kept her job as a deputy clerk for several months before she was laid off which forced her to come back to the NCWorks Career Center-Lincoln in March of 2016." This was when she heard about the Manufacturing Boot Camp at Gaston College and began taking classes with the schools instructor held at the NCWorks Career Center-Lincoln." The classes only lasted for two weeks,Monday through Friday for about four hours a day."

By the end of the two weeks’ things began to change dramatically for Dillard."

"Right after that last Friday,I got on the computer and started looking for something dealing with leadership or management and that’s when I applied for the team leadership position at Haworth in Conover,NC. And I will be starting on Monday," Dillard said.

She was only unemployed for two months before receiving the job of her dreams.

"If you’re looking for a job,you need to stay in contact with the NCWorks Career Center because they are the ones who relay messages to you or let you know of job postings." In all,NCWorks Career Center-Lincoln are the ones that got me going."

The Centralina Workforce Development Board (WDB) oversees operations at the NCWorks Career Centers in a seven county region (Anson,Cabarrus,Iredell,Lincoln,Rowan,Stanly,and Union counties). Our partnership with NCWorks Career Centers gives our Board flexibility in providing the community with innovative employment and training strategies for job seekers and employers in the region." The Centralina WDB is also a proud partner with Gaston College as well.

For more information about the NCWorks Career Center-Lincoln and its services visit,www.centralinaworks.com.

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