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Anson Economic Development Director Presents at NCWorks Partnership Conference

Nov 04, 2019

John Marek, Executive Director, Anson Economic Development put a spotlight on rural life at the 2019 NCWorks Partnership Conference.  His session titled “Redefining Rural for a 21st Century Economy”  focused on a using a variety of tools, will help rural counties identify and invest in innovative technologies, strategies, and methods to bring new jobs and capital to rural North Carolina.

The session was built on case studies from around the state to highlight innovative approaches in communities with populations under 10,000 and address concerns that hold many rural counties back, as well as steps they can take to ensure a more prosperous future. 

“I believe it is extremely important to keep the issues rural communities face in economic and workforce  development front-and-center with leaders from across the state, and this conference provided me an outstanding forum to both bring the challenges to light and demonstrate what we are doing, specifically, in Anson County to overcome them,” said John.

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